Friday, October 28, 2011

KissA Koyotei Cafe (契茶红叶亭) @ Penang

After a big sacrifice, is time to reward myself after known the result.

Thus, am going to enjoy lunch in this Cafe.

The theme of this Cafe is Japanese Cafe with ladies servant (女仆日本餐厅).

Thought they'll serve u with feeding u with the food, but anyway...Dream la...

In fact, they only serve u like normal cafe, just bring the food to ur table...Yes, eat the food by urself..

Only wearing the cutie dress, but sorry to say that, either they're cool or they're in the bad mood, am not sure why they seldom smile when they are talking to the customers.

Is a big different compare the “advertisement” Lady Servant… a bit disappointed…

Anyway back to the food, at the beginning they’ll served snack food.

Quite special compare others.

It’s made of fried egg with some carrot slice and with onion, and it’s FOC.

Besides that, it’s same like Sushi King, Green Tea is also FOC, is not like Sakae Sushi.

Or u can order other beverage if u like, but I prefer to drink Green Tea and it’s bottomless.

Sashimi Set (刺身定食), RM40.00

Appetizing small dish, 3 kind of raw fish, prawn and vegetables tempura, Chawanmushi, miso soup, fruit, and white rice.

The fish and prawns are fresh and thick size, its Salmon and Tuna.

The Vegetables Tempura is crunchy, nice and match if dip into the sauce.

Sauce with garlic

Chawanmushi is slightly late when it’s been served. It’s so hot until I have to stop few times to finish it. Anyway it’s tasty and I like it.

Fruit…Menu is display watermelon, but that day served with 2 slices of oranges. (no photo)

Miso soup is considering MSG soup, not so special.

Finally, white rice… this rice is too soft, not solid and sticky. Not sure is it import from Japan or not, but it’s not tasty like Japanese Rice.

Dessert time, enjoy 1 scoop Haagen Dazs ice cream (offer price if order with food), RM3.50

Tasty and creamy. Finger crossed… ;-)

Or u can choose other flavors too.

Image of the shop:

Just opposite the New World Park

Name Card:

The environment is nice and relaxing.

Good place to enjoy ur food.

Overall the ingredients are fresh and delicious. Fried foods are crunchy and tasty. Is recommended place if u want to eat fresh Sashimi.

The pricing is slightly stand at upper side, include 10% Service Tax and 6% Government Tax

The foods have variety of choices. Besides Sashimi, u can choose Udon or other choice. They provide alcohol too.

The environment are cozy and relaxing place. Good place for u to enjoy ur meal in relaxing mood.

The service is middle range, because the waitress are so-cool, which means they are rarely smile to the customers.


How to go:

GPS from Google: 5.421957,100.327315

Address: No.148 Ground Floor, Jalan Hutton, 10050 Georgetown, Penang.

Phone: 04-226 6272

Business Hour: 11:30am - 2:15pm; 6:00pm - 10:15pm (Closed on Monday)

Map: (Exact location is at Green Arrow, Red Bubble is GPS loc near the target)

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