Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sushi Zanmai @ Farenheit 88, Kuala Lumpur

After window shopping, friend recommends have lunch with Sushi Zanmai.

Since am a Sushi King regular customer, thus I’ll mark S. King as my standard.

Slightly similar with the S. King.

Using conveyor belt to move the “color code” plate with the food, they also provide sweet sauce, but added with dry chili, which S. King don’t have this.

Other than this, the chopstick and other appearance is really looks similar with the S. King.

Green tea is charged RM1.00 and refillable. The green tea is filled into a Big Cup.

Before u start to eat the sushi like lion like tiger… some information are very good for ur reference… the pricelist.

Besides that, u can enjoy set menu too.

But I prefer ala carte…so that u can choose different meal or sashimi.

Before start, prepare the sauce that we like.

30% of sweet sauce, 60% of salty sauce, 6% of Wasabi, 4% of chili powder.

The taste is great.

Start our Ala Carte food…Futomaki (太卷), RM1.80

Pickled Radish, Omelette & Cucumber.

Is better u order on the spot, for those food with seaweed, is crunchier.

Inari Kanimayo, RM4.80

Crabmeat roasted with mayonnaise

I thought its cheese on top.

Fresh feel, 1st try. Special… Never taste b4.

Jo Unagi, RM6.80

Premium roasted eel

Is thick eel, better feel when u are chewing the eel and tasty.

(Not in menu), RM3.80

I worried it might be rejected food. We checked the menu upside down, but there’s no picture in the menu, and we notice that this ala carte was only appear once. Thus, it might either rejected or not fully done. =.=”

Salmon, RM3.80

Fresh and soft.

Before it’d been served, I need to wait for more than 30minutes. I had reminded the waitress for few times and what they said is only “wait”. Is making me high temper for waiting the raw food, which is nothing special, no need cook or special preparation.

When we decided to leave, then only the waiter want to take the food served us, but really spoil the mood, although it’s nice.

Chuka Kurage, RM3.80

Seasoned Jellyfish

Fresh and crunchy seaweed; and the jellyfish are tasty and chewy too.

Overall the ingredients were fresh and well prepared. But for those food which being served with seaweed, is better u make order rather than take from the conveyor belt.

The taste is delicious and fresh, better than S. King and Sakae.

The price is slightly higher than S. King. Standard Tax would be applied, (10% Service Tax + 6% Government Tax)

The food varieties are stand at middle range.

The environment is slightly classy field, quite relaxing.

Initially the service was good and they’ll refill your green tea, but when we remind them that we still waiting for the food that we had ordered half an hour ago was not being served, they’ll only said wait without taking any initiative to tell chef. When we decided to leave, then only they’ll serve the food. What a day~!!!


How to go:

GPS from Google: 3.147479,101.712701

Address: Lt S2. 03. 00, 2nd Flr, Farenheit 88, No. 179, Jln Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur

Phone: 03-21431030

Business Hour: 10am – 10pm

Map: (Exact location is at Green Arrow, Red Bubble is GPS loc near the target)

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