Saturday, December 24, 2011

Gerai Minuman Lin Kee (嬣记八宝雪) @ Stall 17, Bazaar, Seremban town, Seremban

Time flies, the crowded scene at this stall can be seen in the past.
Is not easy for u to just order and eat, but u have to wait for couple of minutes and then only u can enjoy the ABC (Air Batu Campur, also known as ais kacang).
But now, the crowded scene was gone in the wind.
Anyway, the moment I visited this stall is still queing with many waiting customers.
It shows that ABC in this stall is still very famous.
It might be truely because the strategic location of this bazaar is between the terminal bus and the town, thus most of the customer will pausing their steps and visit this stall before continue walk to the destination.

ABC (八宝雪), RM2.80

After few scoop, the stuffing can be seen which were hidden at the bottom of the bowl.
The stuffing are cendol, corn, red bean, jelly, herbs jelly, peanuts, and of course the most important is the ice with concentrated milk topping.
This ABC is very traditional taste, which means the ice are soft and milky, red sugar are just nice, not so sweet or not so tasteless, topping with concentrated milk. It's really enjoying the ABC and feels like want to order second ABC because the taste is so delicious.

Besides that, u can order other beverage too.

Overall the ingredient are well prepared, the peanuts was not oily or too harden, the ice is smooth and great taste.
The pricing is consider reasonable with such many stuffing in this ABC, no tax (Service Tax + Government Tax).
The food variety at this area still consider medium low range of the choice.
The environment is still okay, not so hygiene because this is in the partially-old building.
The service is so-so. But in the past, some customers had feedback that if the business is overwhelming, the person who take order or the lady boss will slightly "black face" (unfriendly) due to tired and too busy until no smile on their face.


How to go:
GPS from Google: 2.72458,101.936466
Address: Stall 17, Bazaar, Jalan Lee Sam, Bandar Seremban, 70000 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan
Business Hour: 12pm - 6pm

Map: (Exact location is at Green Arrow, Red Bubble is GPS loc near the target)

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