Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thean Chun Restaurant (天津茶室) @ Ipoh Old Town, Ipoh

Sometime don't know where to eat in Ipoh, although there's too much delicious food at here.
From breakfast until supper, no problem to look for food, provided if u have transport.
Feeling boring if u keep continue having lunch at the same area, thus today lunch will fetch mom to something never been before.
After called sister to join with us, then we are heading to Ipoh Old Town (is real town, not the brand OldTown) to have lunch there.
Found 1 restaurant which I was visited before, but I was forgotten until I sit back and look on the environment, then only I was reliased I had visited this restaurant 10years ago.
Something special in this restaurant was, Eat-All-U-Can Satay only can be found at this place, but pay later. In the past, each of the tables will be served with 1 plate with full of Satay. U can immediately enjoy the satay, before u left then only the boss will count how many sticks on ur table. Is quite fun and never eaten like this before. But some friends complain that it might not hygiene after putting on the table for longer period, or it might be not hot anymore. If u want to eat fresh Satay, which is just burnt few minutes ago, u can request the boss to change or refill another bundle of Satay. They're happily to do that.

Ipoh Satay, RM0.70 per stick
2 choices, either pork meat or chicken meat.
The meat is slightly different compare the malay style satay. It's more juicy and chewy. The size is similar to Kajang Satay. The Satay must dip into the peanut sweet sauce. U can taste the peanut aroma in the sauce.

Kuey Teow Chicken (鸡丝河粉), RM4.00 (small)
The Kuey Teow is very smoothly entering into the mouth.
The soup is tasty, but slightly oily. The oil is a bit reddish, but that's very important to make sure the kuey teow is smooth.
The Chicken meat is slightly rough, perhaps it's breast meat.
The prawn is fresh and tasty.
This is 1 of the original & best Kuey Teow Chicken soup that u can find in Ipoh town. The soup is slightly thicker chicken taste.

Due to ovewhelming respond in this place, thus we had no extra tables when we came and we had to share with other customers.
We just sit beside their stall, but they putting the collection area (include rubbish, fork, spoon, and the bowl will be collected and wash again.) just beside the stall. for me, that's not so hygiene.

After we placed an order, we were in the waitlist and wait for more than 40minutes before the food being served.
As u can see, the list is not only 1 page, actually behind and few more pages also.

View of the shop:

The Kuey Teow Chicken stall

Overall the ingredient are fresh, portion is consider just enough to fulfill my stomach.
The taste is delicious, food appearance is tempting and make me mouth-watering.
The pricing is reasonable, no tax (Service Tax + Government Tax).
The food variety is very limited, only few stalls in this shop.
The environment is very crowded, it might be due to school holiday and lunch hour. Thus, the peoples are fully occupied this shop and no extra seats until u have to share with others.
The service is okay.


How to go:
GPS from Google: 4.596539,101.077998
Address: 73 Jalan Bandar Timah, Old town Ipoh.
Business Hour: 10am - 4pm

Map: (Exact location is at Green Arrow, Red Bubble is GPS loc near the target)

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