Monday, January 9, 2012

Bamboo Grove Cafe (vegetarian) (竹园小厨素食) @ Taman Selasih, Kulim

Join friend and follow her pure vegetarian husband to this merchant.
I have no idea why I never spot this vegetarian café, although I had been 6yrs stay at this place.
Outlook is just a normal shop, nothing special.

But inside the café feels like it’s quite relaxing.
On the corner, those table and chairs is looks like Japanese Style, but actually u can put ur leg under the table. But my friend said, they had experienced that those tables got many mosquitoes in the evening, especially when u put ur leg inside that hole.

Either u can order from the list, or u can pick from the picture.
Generally, those foods in the pictures are recommended by chef.

Fried Hor Fun (炒河粉), RM3.50 (Medium, Big = RM4.50)
It’s almost same taste like those non-vegetarians Fried Hor Fun.
Sticky sauce and smoothly Kuey Teow. tasty and delicious.

Spaghetti (意大利面), RM6.50
the appearance is nice and tempting.
the sauce is special compare the normal Spaghetti at anywhere.

Basil Leave (Leaf) Fried Rice (九层塔炒饭), RM3.50 (Medium, Big = RM4.50)
Never eaten such special fried rice like this, especially vegetarian fried rice.
The rice can be counted 1 by 1, it means that the rice neither stick together nor overdry nor oily.
The taste is special, just nice and delicious.
The portion is slightly big, but u won't feel full because it's so nice until u'll finish it.

Sesame Oil Vg Chicken Rice Rice (麻油G丁饭), RM4.50
It's looks like Chicken Rice but it's taste much more better than it.

Sweet & Sour Vg Chicken Dice Rice (咕噜G丁饭), RM4.00
Same, it's better than the normal chicken rice.

Ice Blended Caramel Mocha (焦糖摩卡冰砂), RM6.00
the ice blended is so smoothies and tasty. the sweetness is just nice, won't oversweet or tasteless.

Got other beverage too.

Here got special marketing strategy, if u had collected 10 tokens (minimum RM15 each), they'll free 1 drink for u.

Their name card: 

Overall the ingredient are fresh, they'll creatively mix and match perfectly for the food. It's special and different compare other vegetarian restaurants.
The food is so tasty, and its' not oily. Slightly different serving portion and appearance compare others.
U'll feel like u are not having vegetarian food, although u are chewing the vegetarian food right now.
The pricing is reasonable, no tax (Service Tax + Government Tax).
The food variety are multiple and more choices.
It's cozy environment, relax while enjoying ur food.
The service are friendly and the boss is good smiling talking with us.


How to go:
GPS from Google: 5.374271,100.536591
Address: 18, Lorong Bukit Kulim 1/1, Bukit Kulim, 09000 Kulim, Kedah.
Phone: 012-4958399
Business Hour: 11:30am - 2:30pm, 5:30pm - 10:30pm (Closed on Tuesday; 1st &15th of every month business as usual)

Map: (Exact location is at Green Arrow, Red Bubble is GPS loc near the target)

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