Sunday, January 15, 2012

Firefly watching trip & Restoran HK (海景茶室) @ Nibong Tebal, Penang

Firefly... is not referring to the air flight company Firefly.
But it's the real fireflies watching trip along the sea.
I had tried whatever technique to snap / video record on the night scene, but unfortunately I was failed.
Only got the small and tiny light blinking in the dark.
Thus, I suggest u to come over here to watch it live, only then u'll be amazed with the environment.
Got the video, but only able to show in my blog, ~ ~

Let's talking back and share with u the whole journey.
The normal price for this trip is RM95, including a romantic sunset cruise for bird watching, fish farm visiting, dinner (Non-Halal), and fireflies watching. The time is start about 4:30pm, end about 9:30pm.

Before we start our journey, we had tried the localized food.
Along the road, we had seen the crowded stalls, in our mind... should be nice and tasty food will be there.

There's 2 stalls are selling the same Laksa and ABC.

We choose the 2nd stall because it near with us.

ABC (Ais Batu Campur), RM2.80

Actually there's no different compare others.
But what I can say is... the ice snow is smooth and tasty.
Neither oversweet nor tasteless.
The peanuts are crunchy, not oily nor overnight food.

I thought I can taste the Laksa there, but my friend was missing out to order for me. (=.=")
After finished the food and ABC, we were immediately moved to the cottage where the people are gathered who’ll watch the fireflies.
The Amazing Planner is the company who are manage this trip. U can download the map if u plan to adventure /explore by ur own.
The octopus farm only open on March, RM250 per pax.
There're other company like Kelip-kelip firefly.

Let's begin the journey after settle down the payment, wearing the life jacket, and some photo shooting.

This is the boat that'll fetch us, can fit approx. 20pax.

The journey begins...

We were passing by some trees that we didn’t notice that those mangrove trees / berembang tree @ Sungai Kerian are full with fireflies, because the moment we passing by is in the evening, therefore we are not focus on the tree.
Then, we were passing those trees which fully occupied with white birds. (Not sure which species of the bird, White Ibis Perches, Egret, or Heron Perches)


Then we were reaching the largest fish farm.

I had never tried this adventure before, we had to stand at the floating wooden stage, which it might be broken at any time.


Once I stable myself on the stage, I’m interested to see how far I can reach.
But as faster as I walked, the wooden stage is shaking dramatically increase.
Besides that, on other end of the stage, there’s a dog was walking towards me.
Wauu so scary… either I should turning back or directly jump into the fish farm.
End up, the dog is so tame and even do not bark at all. So cute.

When we reached just now, the workers are start feeding the fish with the food in capsule form.
Once the food being thrown into the farm, those fishes are too aggressively and greedily eaten the food.


While watching, I had spotted some of the fishes were kept in the special case.
It was separated might be take out for our dinner later.

This fish farm business is doing well, those fisherman’s boats are continuously come 1 after 1, never stop.

Seen 1 boat is very aggresive and speeding.

After that, we were moving to the next… dinner time.
We were reached at the village.

Next, we had been guided to the Restoran HK.

It’s not located in Hong Kong anyway… is their Cantonese restaurant name… means “Sea View”.

The restaurant is other shops also named “HK”… weird… (=.=”)

In the package, 1 drink provided and food.
Ordered Carrot Milk.
The ice cube were fully covered, the cup is shapely small.
Is slightly oversweet and myb we are too thirsty, just a moment… I had finished the whole cup of carrot milk.

After waiting for a while, the foods were being served.
Fish, not sure what type of this fish… not come in whole piece, been chopped like no head no tail.


Fried rice

Overall the taste is not so fabulous… just okay only.

After dinner, is time to watch firefly.
Seems like a bit darker, now is the best time to enjoy watching firefly.

But today in Lunar Calendar is 14th of the month, thus almost full moon tonight.

Along the way, can see the synchronized flashes of light gently hovering over mangrove trees that lined the river bank.
No video… is better u come to watch in real. Very nice.

After finished the trip, is time go back.

Thought want to try out the juice from Nypa Palm, but too many mosquito during night time… so cancel to order at last.

Continue to have 2nd dinner at nearby shop… In next blog. ;-)

Overall trip is special, adventure and new exploring experience for me.
Ingredient for ABC is nice and delicious. But the food @ Restaurant HK is so-so.
The taste is okay… but the environment is very nice because it’s sunset when we’re having dinner.
The price at here is considering normal. No tax (Service Tax + Government Tax)
Not much food variety over here, small town.


How to go:

GPS from Google: 5.153585,100.468383
Address: No. 2938, Jalan Teluk Ipil , Nibong Tebal, 14300 Penang
Phone: 012-555 4873 / 04-593 6369
Evening Cruise: 4:30pm
Fireflies Watching: 7pm - 9pm

Map: (Exact location is at Green Arrow, Red Bubble is GPS loc near the target)

View Larger Map


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