Monday, July 23, 2012

Pre - Taiwan trip

1st time write vacation blog. ;-)
btw, there're some funny experience and few things as eye opener in this vacation.
besides that, i like to compare while enjoying the trip.
will publish the expenses as well, but some part was missing as i do not know where the $$ goes.. =.="

After busying everything in June, is time to enjoy a trip which i was visited in few year ago. last time it's same like 赶鸭子团.. which is follow the bus, rushing to next destination and only spend little time on each places. that's why prefer to be backpacker.

quite interesting to explore a country which is i like it most, there's some reason on this, the security are safe (u can walk in the street during night without fear on any disaster that might happen on u), surpassing beauty of scenery and landscape, the peoples are friendly and educated, and some new technology which u cant see it in your country so soon. I had experienced that 1st time i bought the Solar Key Chain, after about 7yrs later only i can see it was sold in Malaysia... sigh.

1st airline that lift me to Taiwan was China Airline, now Air Asia X. Both airlines got pros and cons. China Airline is providing free meal and some souvenirs are free. Good service and smiley face. But I was remembered that the plane was landed a bit scary, it's safe landing but the break sound was heard when it's touching on land. While Air Asia X aircraft was landed even better. If am not mistaken, the aircraft should be Airbus A330. Quite comfort inside the plane, although is quite small anyway. The overall ticket price is RM2293 for 2 persons.

We didn't book hotel before travel, therefore we have to bring more cash for standby. Actually I had exchanged RM3000 to 27.5K Taiwan dollar, but the one next to me keep on mumbling and said not enough, not enough. End up, I have to cash out from ATM and exchange it in KL central & LCCT for the rate that make the RM value become smaller and smaller. Oo.. imagine you lost minimum RM100 before u travel, do u still happy during travel? Just to cover up someone's feeling of worry about money not enough.

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