Sunday, July 29, 2012

Taiwan Trip ... day before travel ...

Never travel oversea by own. Thus it's quite nervous for me. Is like "Orang Kampung Keluar Bandar" lo... haha. Only booked and paid air flight. The rest like accommodation, transportation, and etc were never planned. Quite steady hor~ ^_^

In the early morning breakfast with mom, go Ipoh town collect Ms. Yap's stuff and put in car, then go back Menglembu to fetch mom back home. After done all these, only we have time to go Seremban and park my car.

Finally reached Seremban with safe. Then we moved to KL central to meet friends, Kenny and Lilian. After chat in McD, exchange $$ is a must. Exchange rate on that day for Ringgit Malaysia to Taiwan Dollar is only 9.04977 (vs 9.17431 that i had changed last week). Not really worth if you compare with local exchange shop. Can't do anything lo, if not i will just been mumbling $$ not enough not enough.

After that, follow friends to sing @ Karaoke Neway. once we reached and parked the car, i noticed that the tyre was punctured. such a lucky day. immediately drive to repair and back to Neway. luckily there's a shop was not closed, or else we have to change the tyre and do like a cow... haha.

another round of reached the Neway, luckily the guard was remembered us and said no need to pay again. once stepped in Neway, i was remembered that i had a bad experienced lo, after buffet with sing K in Times Square Neway, once i stepped out from the shop, walking down to the escalator, immediately vomit into the dustbin without any sign. Oo... shameful neh... luckily i saw the dustbin, otherwise, i might been charged lo ...err... hehe... totally out of my control. btw, this round am been act smart, which only choose the food that small amount and nice to eat. the food over here is not so tempting, just normal only. but variety of choices la. Having fun time in Neway is short, and yet our voice is getting slow and slow.. so decided to leave by 11pm++.

then we are moving to LCCT, there's some misdirection and miss out the junction... therefore we only reached the LCCT hotel by 1am. immediately without wasting of time, i tell the very kind and helpful Lilian & Kenny back lo. or otherwise tomorrow they'll become Panda dy. ^_^ Without wasting time, immediately get onto bed and sleep. Exciting now~


yee said...

wa...haha! syok lo!

Jason_Hawker said...

haha.. ya.. now know how 2 go oversea dy... nt so kampung guy d... ^_^

yee said...

haha XD