Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Jalan Tok Ungku Pasar Malam @ Seremban

This “Pasar Malam” (night market along the street) is consider the longest / biggest in Seremban.

Generally, Pasar Malam is a place for u to buy local foods and other stuff in lower price.

I had went this Pasar Malam before, but the only food that always flashing in my mind is Taiwanese Style Vegetable Salad Popiah.

It’s special compare with others. In Seremban, normally they’ll use darker brown Sengkuang (which is overcook and adding with soya sauce) as ingredient for Poppiah, and flooded with sauce. While Ipoh Poppiah style is using cooked Sengkuang (in white color), and dry. This Taiwanese Poppiah is solid and dry. It’s using raw Sengkuang and mix with other vegetables, wrap with Seaweed. That’s why it’s so crunchy. To make it more tasty, added with Thousand Island Dressing… always make me mouth-watering whenever I think it again and again.

Vegetable Salad Popiah (台式蔬菜沙拉薄饼)

4 types of Popiah u can choose:

1. Vegetable Salad Popiah (蔬菜沙拉薄饼), RM2.10 per roll

2. Vegetable Salad Chicken Floss Popiah (蔬菜沙拉肉丝薄饼), RM2.60 per roll

3. Vegetable Salad Seaweed Popiah (蔬菜沙拉紫菜薄饼), RM2.80 per roll

4. Vegetable Salad Chicken Floss Seaweed Popiah (蔬菜沙拉肉丝紫菜薄饼), RM3.30 per roll

We only decided to choose #2 and #3, both also nice and different taste (口感),

Here is some Popiah ingredients:

Fried pork oil or flour, chicken floss

Raw Sengkuang, Corn seeds, Seaweed

Lettuce, Raw Sengkuang

As u can see, extraordinary way to prepare the Popiah… because they received too much ordered.

Besides that, Pasar Malam also selling other types of food, such as Nyonya Zongzi.

Thought I can buy it for tomorrow breakfast, but unfortunately it had been eaten by others before me.

So try it again next time.

The landmark for this Pasar Malam is Restoran Wing Heong, tallest building compare the rest.


How to go: from Seremban town, look for Rasah Town (Seremban's satellite town) and same road to Port Dickson. After passed Rasah Town, Jalan Tok Ungku (or called Loop Road) is on a turnoff on the left. Wing Heong is just by the roadside on the right hand side.

GPS from Google: 2.696277,101.945808

Address: near Restoran Wing Heong, 2014-2018, Taman Bukit Blossom, Jalan Tok Ungku, Seremban 70100, Negeri Sembilan

Phone: 06-6315973 / 06-6325852

Business Hour: 5:30pm - 11pm (Every Thursday only)



yee said...

ho jiak! ho jiak!!

Jason_Hawker said...

yaya...very ho jiak...i like it...always thinking 2 eat it again n combine Poppiah with Seaweed or Chicken Floss...very crunchy and tasty...^_^