Saturday, September 10, 2011

Wah Chai Seafood (华仔酒家) @ Menglembu, Ipoh

Hmm…this restaurant had been operated for almost a decade…

I think for local people should be known this place very well.

Some families will give a rest day for housewife and dinner at outside.

Thus, they’ll looking at those “煮炒” (or called Sizzling Woks) restaurant nearby.

In the past, there’ll only few options to choose, where to eat and what to eat.

1 of the famous restaurant is this.

From time to time, they’re added multiple and variety of foods.

If u can’t read Chinese, u can order from the picture. I saw 1 Indian couple did.

Some foods that cannot been found at outside… like trademark for this restaurant.

Besides that, some special additional merit about this restaurant, it’s using sliding roof with remote control.

At night, u can see the sky and count the stars. :-)

For some new visitors, they’ll get shocked when they were seeing this.

Let’s come back to talk about foods & beverage.

Steaming Codfish (清蒸雪鱼), RM54.00 (depending on market price & weight)

...Fresh, Smooth, Shinning, Taste awesome...Price also awesome...

They’ll provide free raw garlic in small plate & cut in small pieces. ** Upon Request

Is nice when u mix it with fish.

It had been proven that it’s anti-oxidize food.

Some people believe that it can prevent cancer too.

Mix Vegetables (罗汉斋), RM9.00

...Great taste...with thick sauce...

Asparagus cook with prawn (卢笋虾球), RM15.00

The prawns are fresh, solid and chewy (扎实和弹牙).

But overall the food is a bit spicy.

Kampung Chicken (胡须鸡(半只)), RM21.00

The skin is dark yellowish.

More chicken taste compare with normal farm chicken.

But the meat is slightly harder.

It comes with pepper sauce, as a condiment.

For u to dip the chicken.

Slightly spicy and sweet.

In the past, they’ll sell homemade herbal tea (凉茶), but now they just bought from others.

1 cup @ RM2.00

…Over sweet… not good for diabetes.

The rest is Rice, RM1.20 and Tissue, RM1.20.

Is better u give back the tissue and change with a bowl or rice or just deduct it.

This restaurant also can be used for Wedding, Birthday Celebration, Baby Full Month Celebration, and other functions or events.


How to go:

GPS from Google: 4.564757,101.045465

Address: 53-55-57, Jalan Besar, 31450 Menglembu, Ipoh, Perak.

Phone: 05-2811399

Business Hour: 12noon - 11pm


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Jason_Hawker said...

friend said,"This restaurant famous sheng yu (生鱼, 那种开刀后补身的鱼)"