Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Agape Bistro & Fusion Restaurant @ Penang

Thanks to Ezivoucher a.k.a to offer this best deal.

Anyway due to next day is some “clean” event…

Environment that we went on that day to redeem this voucher is a bit weird.

While we are eating half way, whole café is only left us, no other customers but am still enjoying the food.

The price for this deal is worth although the original price is RM26.57, we can get with only RM12.50.

Soup of the day is mushroom soup. Creamy, neither salty nor tasteless.

Ice Lemon Tea is “cukup rasa”… means sour enough for lemon taste. Some places the Ice Lemon Tea cant taste the Lemon, only Tea.

We ordered all sets available from this deal.

Nyonya Curry Pork

Sorry, is not halal.

What I like in this curry pork is the curry is cook with coconut milk, is so tasty and nice.

Perfect match with the white rice.

The meats are well cook, but not overcook.

The steamed rice is also nice, 一 粒粒的.

Chicken stuff with Ham & Mustard

From Aqape: deep fry chicken fillet stuff with ham and mustard, serve with french fries, toasted garlic bread and mix vegetable.

This food is special because it looks like Secret Recipe’s Chicken Cordon Bleu. But the different is they didn’t use cheese.

Inside this chicken stuff is with ham and sauce, and taste like mustard. But it’s not spicy at all. You should try this.

Pan Fry Fish Fillet with Tomato Sauce

From Aqape: Pan fry fish fillet top with home cook tomato sauce, serve with spaghetti carbonara, garlic bread and mix vegetable.

Again, so special about the food here.

Spaghetti mix with fish fillet.

The fish is well cook and quite thick, is not like other western food, which only serve a thin layer of fish fillet. That’s why I said its worth.

Ice Cream Dessert

They’ve 3 flavors to choose. Chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry.

The waitress is very polite and good serve although we are voucher’s gang. Some other places will serve us like “lower grade customer”.

The environment here is nice, with dim light. Relaxing and if u wish, u can sing “Karaoke”. But 4 of us a bit shy, so …skip this.

P/S: please pass your parking ticket to the waitress and they’ll waive it.

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