Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Puncak Mutiara @ Bukit Mertajam, Penang (Halal)

1st time experience is marvelous, on that day only known the activity.

Which is hving lunch with all my colleagues.

With combination all races, so decided and no other option is hving lunch in Halal restaurant/café.

After Emergency Respond Team (ERT) training, in this case memang emergency… haha… follow few female Malays colleagues to this café.

But the problem is… they even don’t know where the exact location is?

So… once we reached at that area, hv to call another colleague to guide and lead us into that café.

Wau… when I reach there, it’s so amazed. The café is so big… giant… huge… in the jungle or inside the “kampong”

All of us sit on the special book “pondok” and lunch in big group, almost 50++ peoples including their families.

Because treated by company, so don’t ask me the price.

I just pay attention on the food…hehe…

Sorry, can’t comment about the food because I just eat and eat.

Inside the café got Durian tree too~

Then, I had visited 2nd time to there and hving lunch at here.

This time, more photos are available.

1st, the order and pay system is so high tech.

They’ll come and take order and then u’ll hv to take the chip-based card to counter make payment.

Geng le~

Ok, this time I can show u the food…but not all la.

Sirap bandung PMC Special RM7.00

My drink… nama special, but taste normal.

It’s complex, mix too much until I don’t what’s taste lo.

But if u ask me, taste nice ar?... the answer is… no.

Taste like Sirap bandung with ice-cream. That’s it~

Another weird thing is…the spoon.

They give a extremely no logic short spoon to me, which the length of the spoon is less than half of the cup.

When I want to hold the cup, it’s immediately shrink into the ground.

I hv 2 take it back to scoop the ice-cream.

The ice-cream… not homemade, just same like Nestle vanilla ice-cream.

I think they dint put the Ais Krim Soda…tertipu~

In fact, the menu is Sirap+Susu Kambing+Ais Krim Soda+Aiskrim

Ok, next we order vege to share among all.

Kailan Goreng

The taste ok, not bad, can try again nx time.

Next meal is our friend order, Arnab Grill.

The portion is so small.

But I think is because the rabbit size is too small, so they hv to serve in small portion gua… haha.

The taste? Don’t know.

But my friend comment that quite nice.

Will try it on nx visit.

Wahh… so big size le… Nasi Beriani Paha Kambing… RM18.80, consider cheap compare to Secret Recipe.

I had tried small piece on it, the meat is well cooked.

But if 1 person want to eat this, is quite full lo.

Recommend is better share with 2 persons.

Next, this meal is for share again.

Like food test… haha.

I like the curry taste, very nice.

This curry is very creamy and I think they put lots of Santan (coconut milk).

This R Arab (2kpg) Masalla is RM12… hmm…not cheap.

Tahdaaa… this is my Nasi Beriani Rusa. RM34.00.

Again, this is set lunch without beverage.

This set combine some rendang mutton and vege with soup but I don’t recall how they called.

The rendang mutton quick nice, but it only come with small portion…sigh.

With this price, consider cheap because they give lots of meat. It sliced into few pieces.

I have to chew until I can feel my gingival / muscle pain.

The meat is slightly overcooked.

A bit tasteless…sorry to say that. No sauce.

Nasi Beriani is rough, not nice if u compare to nasi kukus.

Nasi Beriani Ayam, RM14.70

Is set lunch exclude beverage.

Consider cheap.

Satay Ostrich (RM2.00 per stick) + Satay Rusa (RM2.50 per stick)

None of us able to identify which 1 is Ostrich meat and which 1 is Rusa.

The result is… just eat.

There’s nothing much different compare both meat.

The taste is slightly same.

Which 1 is rough, which 1 is not so rough… sorry… don’t know… haha.

Lamb Chop RM19.80

The appearance is so special when it start to be served.

The waiter will pour the sauce on top of the lamb, the sauce evaporated on the hot plate… wau…so amazing…

The taste? Didn’t try and no comment. But my friend said nice, can try it on next visit.

Ok… it’s time to pay the bill. The total is… RM241.80…oOoooo…average each person is about RM40.

Sorry la, photos a bit low quality, using my 3.2MP phone camera.

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