Tuesday, July 26, 2011

De title @ Penang

Initially, I want to go to this place is because of the purple building and let the non-Penang Lang come over here snap photos.

Then, I also attracted by the deal by showing “SEMI BUFFET”. Means I can eat the food until full.

Again, thanks to Ezivoucher a.k.a to offer this best deal.

Only RM13.80 Day & Night SEMI BUFFET with a Main Course + Drink + Free Flow of Soup, Bread, Cake, Jelly, Ice Cream.

The non buffet style is the main course and beverage.

We had ordered each main course to taste it all.

1st, it comes with the Ice Lemon Tea.

The taste is not so heavy with lemon or tea, because it puts lots of ice cube.

The “semi buffet” hall (or called kitchen) where all the free flow foods at there, including soup with self service.

U’ll be amazed when u step into that hall, because the wall and the ground full of arts painting.

Let’s try the soup and the bread.

The soup is creamy and the taste is nice.

I think its mushroom soup.

Hmm… now is the main course time,

5" Grilled Chicken Burger (Grilled chicken with teriyaki sauce)

The potatoes are standard and nice. Not so salty or tasteless.

Like the chicken, well cook and the meat is so 弹牙.

Next, we choose Pizziola a.k.a Pizza Base with Roti Canai (Tuna, capsicum, onion & tomato concasse)

No different compare any pizza outside, can’t do like Pizza Hut advertisement… when u pull the pizza, the cheese will stick with it.

This pizza is tasty and crunchy, but what I don’t like is the base of the roti canai… is overheating until dark carbon on it.

Italian Pasta - Spaghetti Aglio Olio (Mushroom, basil leaf, chili flake & chicken ham cooked with olive oil)

Luckily the spaghetti was using olive oil, if not, am sure I’ll be fatter and fatter soon because it’s too oily.

The spaghetti is not so soft, maybe its Italian style.

Yaki Udon - Seafood Thailandia Yaki Udon (Stir fried Udon noodle with chicken, prawn, cabbage, carrot & onion in Tom Yam Sauce)

Hardly to find a nice Udon mee.

This Udon mee is slightly watery.

The taste is just nice.

The ingredient is putting some prawn and fishcake.

Finally the dessert time, cake and ice cream.

Coffee taste.

Sour taste, I think its mango.

Not sure what’s it. Like Guai Ling Gao.

This 1 should be putting.

Chocolate cake.

Banana cake.

Ice-cream time, I did it… let’s see the result.

With peppermint flavor and chocolate flavor. Not bad, I like it and take it twice.

Address: De Title Dining Cabin
97, Lorong Selamat, 10400, Georgetown, Penang

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