Monday, July 18, 2011

Pulau Tikus Market @ Penang

I love to come to this market.

If u want to find Penang food...want to know the Penang style....and Hokkien slang.

There’re few delicious foods you can look for.

Loh Mee

Only u can find in Penang.

1 of the Penang foods which u only can find here.

The sauce is same like the lobak sauce, but this sauce is put inside the mee.

Hokkien Mee

Another Penang food that u only can find in Penang…you can find at other places but the original taste only at Penang.

Curry Mee

Previously I had introduced the white curry mee in Hot Bowl. So this is the original curry mee with reddish curry oil on it.

Chee Cheong Fun (CCF)

Another special food in Penang.

This CCF is different with other place because it puts prawn sauce (虾膏).

Some people don’t like it, just like my 1st time experience this. The taste is weird but after second try, u’ll like it.

In Ipoh, normally the topping is curry chicken or sweet sauce or curry pig’s skin.

Ban Zan Kui (BZK) -thick 曼煎糕

This “kuih” is no different compare the BZK at other place.

There’re 2types of BZK. U’ll feel full after eating this thick size BZK.

I love eating this.

The ingredients are sandy nuts, sugar, butter, corns.

Ban Zan Kui (thin)

Another type of BZK, which is thin layer type.

The outer layer is very crunchy.

The ingredients are same like the thick size BZK.

Yam Bao

I had never seen this before.

This is my 1st try.

What’s inside this “Pao” is creamy “Kaya” and the taste is slightly same like the “Sou Pao” (寿包) where u can buy it when there’s 九皇爷节日.

Dou Kou juice (豆寇汁)

This is enriching juice.

1 of the drinks u can’t find outside other than Penang.

The taste is slightly 干甜.

Char Kuey Tiao

Hmm…this CKT is similar with other CKT in Penang, but different compare to other CKT in Ipoh or KL. This CKT got 腊肠, prawn, clam, and egg. I prefer to add more taugeh.

Roti Canai Kosong

This is the simple and nothing inside the “Roti Canai”.

Is not so crispy compare with the “Roti Canai” in Batu Feringgi.

Roti Banana

I like to eat this Roti Banana because I like banana…

The taste is sweet and full of banana inside the “Roti”…nice.

Teh "O" Limau Ais

Wherever u go Mamak, either Teh “O” Limau Ais or Teh Tarik is the common drinks to be ordered. I preferred to order this because after u had eaten the “Roti Canai”, drink this cold with “Limau”, is refreshing ur mind.

Teh Tarik

Teh Tarik is another common and famous drink in Mamak Stall… Is very nice and tasty, but I prefer less sugar, because they add concentrated milk with sugar.


yee said...

the yam pao looks delicious. haha! i like yam! ^^

Jazz ♥ 爵斯 said...

walau...u also start flogging d...gambateh!!

Jason_Hawker said...

sorry...dint notice ur comment...will improve it.

yaya...yam pao is's soft and creamy. but u hv 2 eat while it's hot.

ya...start blogging and comment all the foods from all d places.