Friday, July 15, 2011

New World Park (新世界) @ Penang

There're too many foods you can find in this place.

I can’t list out every single items but I’ll only show u the food I have eaten.

Fruit ABC

Normal ABC

ABC + Durian

Once you step into Penang, you must try this ABC.

I never taste any ABC with many different types of fruits.

Ipoh Mix Fruit is totally different compare with this ABC.

If you like, you can add topping with ice cream.

Fried Rice

I like the fried rice here because its 粒粒的感觉,而不是团团的在一堆.

The taste is nice.

The prawn is slightly small.

The sambal is very match with the fried rice. Not too spicy but just nice with it.

The rice is neither dry nor wet.

The overall is great.

Oh Xia Jian (Oyster Prawn Pancake)

I think Taiwanese show well know what's

At here, I’m not sure why…

Is it recently the price of the prawn had been increased?

Why the prawn is so small?

Overall taste is so-so.

A bit oily and overcook.

Wa Bao Mi Tai Bak (瓦煲米台目)

The ingredient is very simple, but the sauce to mix with this Lao Su Fen is very tasty.

The noodle is not special, nothing much I can say.

Kuey Teow Th’ng

Yao Chai Bihun (药材米粉)

Bak Th'ng

This mee sup is nothing special, only the sup is tasty.

Rou Jiang Mee (肉酱面)

Not bad, you can try this if you want some non-sup mee.


Z.O.E.licious said...

i havent tried the oh xia jian it nice?

Jason_Hawker said...

sorry...dint notice ur comment...will improve it..oh xia jian...nice...but now they're a bit degrade. slightly oily....