Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tutti Frutti @ Queensbay Mall, Penang

This shop is just opposite Queensbay Mall.

Thanks to FoodTok @facebook to give me chance win the contest and get 100g frozen yogurt (Froyo) voucher for free.

But due to my non-Penang friends can’t enjoy it, so on behalf of it, I have to eat it 300g and giveaway another 100g.

Until I eaten the 3rd cup, the waiter / manager told me… next time only allowed free 100g per person. =.=||

Anyway this TF is self service.

3 sizes of cup.

I just take the small cup and put only few toppings with different flavors of Froyo.

I can’t recall the flavors what I had put.

Here’s the toppings you can choose.

This is my 2nd time eating Froyo. If compare Fruuze, TF is not so creamy compare to Fruuze.

But u’ll be more satisfied and enjoy if u did it by own.

The taste is nice and different compare with ice-cream, because its slightly sour compare ice-cream is only sweet.

This is the price without deduct the 100g.

Quite expensive compare to ice-cream, but nice to try.

Ohya…here is not shopping / eat for free…50cents per half hour.

Car parking ticket 50cents = 1/2 hour

the time I enter and see how much they charged later.

Now, TF also have branch @ Island Plaza.


yee said...

tutti fruitti!! >v<

Jason_Hawker said...

ya...nice... Tutti Frutti is self service. U can take any u like..yummy~

second option u can try is Fruuze @ Straits Quay.. more creamy...