Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Straits Quay @ Penang

There’re many shops in Straits Quay.

3 shops I had visited before.

Fruuze cafe

1st time I tasted the frozen yogurt (Froyo) at here.

The taste is nice, creamy, with some toppings, slightly different with ice-cream because the Froyo is a bit sour.

There’re 3 different sizes of cup, big, medium, or small.

I had tried the big size cup, they allowed us to put 3toppings.

For small size, only 2 toppings.

Bella Marino cafe

If u like Italian food, here is the best I can promote to u.

I like the Tiramisu, it taste so good and special…much better than Charlie Brown.

There’re other foods u can try here.

Linguine Alla Connovatta (seafood pasta)

Grilled Lemon Sole (imported fish)

Charlie Brown cafe

The only 1 Charlie Brown café in Malaysia… I think no need to intro so much, once u see the picture, for sure u’ll know what the theme for this café is.

The food ar… is only because the “brand”… other than this, nothing.

I had tried these food and beverage.

The Tiramisu is only cream and cake in few layers.

I prefer the Bella Marino’s Tiramisu.

About this Cappuccino, is not tasty as u drink outside.

The only special thing is the top layer with Charlie’s face.

But u still can try and hv fun with the cutie Charlie Brown and friends.

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