Monday, August 22, 2011

484 Mee Stall (天水档) @ Housing Area, Menglembu, Ipoh

Because in a rush, decided to take the breakfast in fast mode.

In front of my house, got 2 mee stalls that located in the housing area.

The Food & Beverage from both of these mee stalls quite nice + cheap.

This is actually a house, but adding with mee stall and some tables & chairs.

Price list:

Time for food~ Bihun Soup

Simple and tasty.

Can taste the soup got heavy aroma of dried anchovies or called "Ikan Billis", they didn’t put too much of MSG.

Because after finish this breakfast, didn’t really feel thirsty like what MSG food had.

Sea Coconut Tang Sui

Prefer low sugar taste.

Cheap and tasty, only RM1.

Some other shops won’t give u sea coconut flesh, only water.

But the F&B in this stall is everything homemade, thus u can eat the flesh and drink the juice.

Red Beans Porridge

Creamy and tasty.

Cheap but full ingredient, only RM1.

(Dry) sauce Bihun with Clams

Fresh big clams mix with curry sauce, and mix with this bihun is even nice and match.

Mix fish ball / fish cake (杂料)a.k.a Yong Tau Fu

Mix with different types of fish ball or fish cake.

Those put in soup are soft and nice.

Those fried fish cake is so crunchy.

Total food and beverage we ordered is only RM15.60, so cheap.

4 Mee + 2 Beverage + some fish ball/cake.

Address: 484, Regrouping Area, 31450 Menglembu, Ipoh, Perak.

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