Sunday, August 14, 2011

Weissbrau German Bistro & Bar @ Straits Quay, Penang

Huhu… 1st time attend Launch Party, invited for YourFoodReview by Qyzzy

Weissbrau German Bistro & Bar, Straits Quay Penang, address:

Depart from Kulim, I was rushed to attend this event.

But end up, when am arrived, 5mins before 11am, the staff told me… can u walk-walk? Haven’t ready yet…cehhh… gotta window shopping inside Straits Quay again. With nothing to do… again… just walk inside Switch shop (Apple iPad is there waiting me…^_^)

The bar is looking good.

Before the event start, take some photos 1st.

These 2gals very hardworking asking us, do u wan to take photos?

Well, since it’s for free, why not?

It’s so special that they purposely use this kind of camera for guest.

After take the photos, can immediately see the result and keep as souvenir.

Nice hor~?

Some art before the event start.

Okay, finally the event is start… about 12:45pm. I had used 30mins to window shopping and chatting 75mins to chat with floggers… then only the event start…sigh… u know why? Because waiting YB.

We wonder which YB… YB LGE or who? Then… Oh…

That man who is sitting at the center.

While listening and waiting for the launch, the guests and reporters “campur-campur” pun enough to fill up the space.

Just now miss out sign in before enter.

Add-on now… hehe.

Ermm… now only know the speaker is…Terry Tan.

Actually they are not only launching this bistro&bar, also launching the new apps for iPhone, use in iPhone. Sorry, not for Android user or others. Digi promote their package too~

Finally the launch is over, time for refreshment.

Refreshment was sponsored by Weissbrau… so the food is slightly German style. I think u can order this food for ur next visit.

Sardine Puff

The enrich sardine is nice, but slightly spicy.

The skin is very crunchy although it’s thick layer.

Mini Apple Strudel

Taste sweet and skin crunchy.

Mushroom Pizza

1st time when we are eaten this, all thumbs up.

2nd time, some of the floggers said… slightly not nice, maybe we are full or the tomato sauce is less compare the previous pizza served.

The bread is toasted on time. Not overcook until black carbon stick on the base.

Tuna Baguette Canape

I like Tuna.

With this blueberry (I think) on top, is so nice and match.

The toasted bread also match with this tuna.

Caesar Salad

Sauce is Mayonis, but I think the chef added some “magic”.

Match with these vegetables too.

Cold Tomato Soup

Never taste this before.

Normally western food is mushroom soup or pumpkin soup have been served in hot.

This is my 1st time experience to taste this “special” cold soup.

Cold, slightly sour, added some herbs… if u like the taste, u’ll desire to have it one more, but sorry am not.

Added toasted bread

Chicken Curry Puff

Inside ingredient is same… potato and chicken curry.

Big size, 1 person can’t finish it. We have to share.

Outside is “Welcome” but actually reserved for dining only and YB sahaja.

All mix and share food.

After stomach full, is time for us to take photos and walk-walk before cabut.

Inside this bistro&bar, nice decorations and design.

This place is nice for beer or other alcohol. Good place for those alcoholic friends.


~メイキ M3|k!~ said...

i think that is olive in stead of blueberry

Criz Lai said...

It's a waste I could not attend the function. Anyway, great shots and sharing here~ :)

Jason_Hawker said... not what had I eaten. olive..^_^

is ok..u still can hv ur meal in Lam Wah Ee. take k.