Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Siew Pow Town (芙蓉烧包城) @ Seremban

Hmm… always notice this signboard but never enter into it.

Now, going to taste the food and see its ok or not.

This is the place.

This building is so big.


Oo… prawn in these food guaranty fresh le…

Only 2 persons in this trip, so we decide to order Dim Sum set.

Just want to try out what special the prawn is…

1 set is RM33. If ordered by ala-carte, total is RM35.50.

麒麟虾丸, RM5.50

The prawn is fresh. Meat is 扎实和弹牙.

麒麟虾饺, RM5.50

This 虾饺 skin is transparent and thin layer. Nice.

上海罐汤小笼包, RM5.50

This 小笼包is different compare Dragon-I’s 小笼包.

It’s not so hot, just nice.

Sup is fresh, not oily, tasty.

红油抄手, RM4.50

The stuffing (内馅) inside is like dumpling.

But it cook with some special sauce, which is taste like vinegar or wine.

Sauce for Dim Sum

Is fried ginger and dip with soy sauce.

麒麟虾卖, RM5.50

Is just like normal烧卖, but it put prawn and crab roll on top.

麒麟虾蒸饺, RM4.50

Not much difference compare normal dumpling, again the stuffing is prawn.

The skin is slightly thick and over steam.

上海锅贴, RM4.50

It’s like normal dumpling, but it fried (煎) the skin layer after boil.

After finish the dinner, we walk around and buy the Siew Pao (烧包) which consider famous for Seremban.

As u seen, they make it on the spot and fresh.

After few hours, feel hungry and go Drive-thru Pasar Malam at Seremban 2. But end up, no food that I want.

End up, we stop at 1 Tong Sui shop and ordered Kuai Leng Gao + Bubur Gandum.

Kuai Leng Gao (龟苓膏)

The taste is same like DIY instant powder pack in普通中药店.

Slightly watery, not so bitter.

Bubur Gandum

This “wheat porridge” is so milky, creamy, and tasty.

I think they put some coconut milk, nice.

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