Sunday, August 7, 2011

New World Park (新世界) part-II @ Penang

Having lunch at this place again, after met friend to exchange vouchers.

Back to same place (where I always be), but ordered stall that I never spot.

After final decision, decide to order something different for my blog.

Taiwan cuisine


This stall is stand with 2 workers, 1 take order and served, another 1 is cook.

While standing there to see the menu board, decide what to eat for lunch today, the worker politely and nicely waiting for my eye contact.

What I had ordered is Taiwanese food.


Taiwan salted chicken


The taste is different compare to fried chicken.

It’s fried, not so crunchy, but the taste is special and I feel like am in Taiwan now.

The taste is same like what I had eaten in Taiwan.

The staff told me that the meat is chicken breast meat(雞胸肉), compare to chicken chop is chicken drumstick meat.

The meat is soft, not so salty and just nice.


Taiwanese noodle (soup)


Special mee I ever had.

The Mee is soft and smooth like Kuey Teow, but the taste and “chewing feel” is different, a bit yellowish color.

It comes with 1 full egg (滷蛋) and divided into 2.

There’re also some meat balls, like 滷肉.

The sup is mixing with some sauce and it’s matching with this mee.

I don’t know what sauce are they used but it’s nice in overall.

Drink… still the same like previous, my favorite… ABC and add topping with ice-cream.


Next time should order after finish the food. Or else, the ABC is very fast to melt and end up, is like drink ABC rather than eat ABC.

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