Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Leaf Healthy House (绿叶坊) @ Penang

Hmm… is time for vegetarian.

Not only less meat, also No MSG.

Thru advertisement from Ezivoucher a.k.a, I only able to know this shop.

Is easy to find this shop, the road is just opposite the Esplanade, Penang.

This shop will be on ur left, and this shop is small inside old building.

After ordered, while waiting for the food and beverage delivered, this place is nice with some decoration.

Only snap this, it’s just putting on the table… so relax.

The price? Sorry I don’t know. I ordered thru the deal in set.

Let’s see the meal.

Natural Fermented Bread

It’s toasted.

It’s slightly crunchy and yet soft.

A bit sweet, but the sweetness that u’ll like it.

Floral Tea

Lavender & Gynostemma (薰衣草+绞股蓝)

Jasmine Tea (茉莉花茶)

Spinach Spaghetti (菠菜意大利面)

Pasta served with homemade spinach paste

It’s so green, taste so good.

U’ll never feel thirsty after eaten this, because it’s NO MSG.

It’s so natural.

For sure I’ll eat again and again.

The price not so expensive, is reasonable.

The Leaf Spaghetti (绿叶意大利面)

Pasta made from Basil and pine nuts paste

I seldom eat pine nuts, but it’s nice combination with the spaghetti.

The broccolis are fresh and it’s just boil and served.

Healthy Fruit Salad

It combines Raisin + Yogurt + Papaya + Mango + Banana + Watermelon + Apple.

I never tasted before this nice and delicious dessert with full of fruits.

Address: No.5 Penang Street, 10200 Georgetown


yee said...

wan try that The Leaf Spaghetti!!
like the colour!

Jason_Hawker said...

ya...very nice~
should try it.

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