Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Restaurant Hao Tack Fook (有口福咖啡店) @ Ipoh

有口福, it should be meaning that lucky to have food at here.

Well, 1 of my favorite restaurant, because I like 醉鸡面线.

Zhui Ji Mian Xian (醉鸡面线), RM4.70

Added some wine, the soup is so tasty and aroma with wine.

Another option u can choose is Zhui Xia Mian Xian (醉虾面线)

Who Dan Ho (滑蛋河) , RM4.00

This WDH is not so tasty compare to WDH that sold at Menglembu Market.

The combination is not so perfect.

Once the food is slightly not hot, it’ll turn to waterish.

Zhu Pi (猪皮), RM2.00

This ZP is quite nice, chewy and elastic, Taiwanese said it’s QQ.

The curry sauce also match with this food, not so spicy.

The advantage of having this food is… it’s categorized as collagen food. Believe or not? Is up to u…^_^

Mix fish ball /cake (杂料), RM6.60

Quite standard food… not so special.

Leong Cha (凉茶), RM2.50 (2 cups, 1 with ice, another 1 without ice)

Location is just beside SMK Seri Keledang @ Lorong Kledang Timur 10, Menglembu

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