Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Restaurant Up To You (随便你茶餐室) @ Ipoh

If ur friend ask u where do u want to eat breakfast, but u have no idea at all… tell them…随便你.

This shop is really exist, and the F&B at there is tasty too. Also my mom’s favorite.

It’s just nearby my secondary school, SMK Seri Keledang.

Every time I go, every time it’s almost full.

Mix fish ball /cake (杂料), RM4.20

Whenever I at Ipoh having breakfast with mom, will order this.

Because this food can fill up ur stomach before the main course while u waiting, before u “hungry died” (饿死).

Pou Zai Mian (褒仔面), RM3.70 (add egg)

The ingredient and soup is tasty.

But be careful when it’s served, so hot and the soup is still boiling.

The stall not only sell Pou Zai Mian, also Ban Mee.

Ban Mee (板面), RM3.00 (add-on vegetable is RM3.50)

Thin layer ban mee, so smooth.

Taste of the soup is heavy aroma of dried anchovies, is not MSG taste.

Leong Cha (凉茶-龙眼), RM1.40

Not too sweet, just nice.

With ingredient inside, not only plain water.

Kopi Ais, RM1.60

Aroma of the coffee is tasty, milk is just nice.



Jalan Kledang Timur 1, Menglembu, Ipoh, Perak.

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