Hmm… 1st blog not in Penang… although am not Penang Lang.

In these few days in Seremban, this restaurant can be the 1st in my ranking.

Got WiFi too~

We ordered sea coconut, ok la, not too sweet and tasty. But slightly expensive compare others, RM3.60.

And coconut, RM5.00. This endosperm or meat is slightly hard, but I like still.

Mango Salad, RM8.00

Spicy, sweet & sour and nice.

Be aware when you eat this, don’t like me.

Accidentally bitten the chili, jumping up and down.

Kang Kung Belacan, RM8.00

Fresh and taste normal.

Tomyam Seafood RM10, can fill up to 2 bowls.

The sup is tasty, not very spicy.

Ingredient is Crab, Sotong, Mushroom, and fresh Prawn.

I can finish 2 bowls, even helping to clear for others.

Pandan Chicken RM7.50

Three pieces of pandan chicken wrap with bamboo leaves, like dumplings.

The taste of pandan chicken is like ginger sauce paper wrap chicken in Ipoh.

Not oily, great taste, cook with fresh chicken, 弹牙… like it most.

Some nice decoration.

Near Toilet.