Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sakae Sushi @ Sunway Carnival Mall, Penang

1st time go Sakae Sushi.

Heard from friend, not nice and salty.

Well, I don’t believe it until I tried.

Is because giveaway this voucher (worth RM10x2), so give a chance to try this sushi.

When I enter into Sakae, a nice and polite receptionist guides me to my seat.

Am wondering why always so many customers waiting, although they have more seats compare to Sushi King.

Take some photo before start my meal.

Before I start to make my order, gotta make confirm and ask, can I combine that RM10x2 voucher? That receptionist said, Yes.

Well, I thought Okay lo, I can save time.

Order Cold Green Tea, not sure is it bottomless, but I didn’t ask to refill. Just drink hot water there.

This green tea is totally tasteless. I think is better I take a glass and fill up the hot water rather than order this RM2.00 tasteless green tea.

While eating, only notice this price tag for food.

Well… slightly expensive compare to Sushi King.

My 1st meal… Paul… no no no… not that Paul the Octopus, but Seasoned Baby Octopus. Japanese named as Chuka Idako.

The sauce is very salty, I can’t accept it lo.

The octopus is not fresh, quite soft and “lembik”.

Continue by Chuka Hotate, is seasoned scallop.

The sauce is nice and I like it.

Neither too sweet nor too sour.

But not sure is it mix with sand in this scallop, when I bite and swallow, got the feel like am eating the sand.

This Trio Ebi Make really attract me with its decoration… and yes, only decoration.

With Tiger Prawn, Snow Crabstick, and Shrimp Roe.

This tiger prawn not fresh at all and small.

For Citibank user, hand-roll is buy 1 free 1 in August.

Since am Citibank user, just order and try the hand-roll.

Salmon Ikura

Salmon and Salmon roe.

This salmon is not fresh, like melting.

1st time eating the salmon roe. Nice feel, but eaten too much will taste bitter.


Premium river eel

Only this I can say is nice. The river eel is fresh and taste good.

When I pay the bill, the cashier said, sorry this sorry that. She said I can’t combine Citibank credit card with complimentary vouchers…sighs.

Decide pay by Citibank CC, because the hand-roll is buy 1 free 1. Or else, have to pay 1 more.

So decided to keep that complimentary voucher for nx visit, but sorry I won’t so stupid anymore. Will take the minimum and just enough to use the vouchers. Furthermore the complimentary vouchers cannot combine, only can use per redeem… another sigh…

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ' New Day ' - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Another try @ Sakae, make sure this round will use the voucher. To reduce the expenses, no beverage ordered. Total only balance RM3.20 + RM1 for parking fee.. Yey~!!!

Chuka Kurage, RM5.99

Seasoned Jellyfish

Chewy and fresh.

Taste standard.

Tobikko, RM5.99

Flying Fish Roe

Hmm...almost same like Sushi King.

Kani Maki, RM1.99


Hmm...add with ginger slice will be better taste.

Shiro Maguro, RM7.99

Butter Fish

This flesh is fresh and nice.

slightly rough skin, but I like.

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